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The Fake News media repeats a fake group’s lies. 

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam
Look out!  It’s another fake Islamophobia crisis. 
“Huge Growth in Anti-Muslim Hate Groups During 2016: SPLC Report,” wails NBC News. “Watchdog: Number of anti-Muslim hate groups tripled since 2015,” FOX News bleats. ABC News vomits up this word salad. “Trump cited in report finding increase in US hate groups for 2nd year in a row.”
The SPLC stands for the Southern Poverty Law Center: an organization with slightly less credibility than Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, and without the academic degree in greasepaint.
And you won’t believe the shameless way the SPLC faked its latest Islamophobia crisis.
The Southern Poverty Law Center’s latest “hate group” sightings claims that the “number of anti-Muslim hate groups increased almost three-fold in 2016.” 
That’s a lot of folds.
And there is both bad news and good news from its “Year in Hate and Extremism.” 
First the good news. 
Casa D’Ice Signs, the sign outside a bar in K-Mart Plaza in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, is no longer listed as a hate group. The sign outside the bar had been listed as a hate group by the SPLC for years. The owner of Casa D’Ice had been known for putting politically incorrect signs outside his bar. So the SPLC listed the “signs” as a hate group. (Even though there was only one sign.) Not the bar. That would have made too much sense.
Since then Casa D’Ice was sold and the SPLC has celebrated the defeat of another hate group. Even if the hate group was just a plastic sign outside a bar.
But the bad news, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, is that anti-Muslim hate groups shot up from only 34 in 2015 to 101 in 2016. 
What could possibly account for that growth? Statistical fakery so fake that a Vegas bookie would weep.
President Trump is on the cover of the SPLC’s latest Intelligence Report: a misnomer of a title from an organization whose intelligence gathering led it to list a bar sign as a hate group.
But there’s actually another phenomenon responsible for this startling rise reported by the SPLC.
The SPLC decided to count 45 chapters of Act for America as separate groups. 
How do you get a sudden rise from 34 to 101 hate groups? It helps to suddenly add 45 chapters of one group. Act for America isn’t a hate group. It’s also just as obviously not 45 groups.
And it didn’t come into existence last year.
Act for America was only listed as one group in the 2015 list. It shot up to 45 now.
The SPLC this year listed the Los Angeles chapter of Act for America as a separate group. But the chapter has been around for quite a few years.
Furthermore Act for America boasts not 45, but 1,000 chapters across the country. Why list just 45 of them? Look at it from the SPLC’s perspective. Next year, it can add 200 chapters and claim that anti-Muslim hate groups once again tripled. And then it can do the same thing again the year after that.
That way the Southern Poverty Law Center can keep manufacturing an imaginary Islamophobia crisis.
Also added to the list is Altra Firearms: a gun store that ran an ad declaring that it wouldn’t sell firearms to Clinton supporters or Muslims. Like Casa D’Ice, this is another case of the SPLC demonstrating that it has no idea what distinguishes a store whose owner says politically incorrect things from a “group”.
The list has added Bosch Fawstin: an artist who was the target of the first ISIS terror attack in America during the assault on the Draw Mohammed cartoon contest. The SPLC announced that it was adding the Eisner nominated artist to its list of hate groups after he survived the attack. 
The SPLC’s actions were obscene. 
After the attack, Heidi Beirich, in charge of adding targets to the SPLC’s hate map, announced that she would be adding Bosch to the list because the Center now knows his location. 
Indeed the SPLC makes a point of highlighting the locations of likely terrorist targets. And the Southern Poverty Law Center’s map of hate has been used by terrorists before.
Floyd Lee Corkins opened fire at the headquarters of the Family Research Council. The conservative Christian organization had been targeted by Corkins because of its appearance on the SPLC’s list. 
"Southern Poverty Law lists anti-gay groups. I found them online,” Corkins later confessed to the FBI.
When Leo Johnson, the building’s African-American manager, attempted to stop Corkins, the SPLC shooter told Johnson that he didn’t like his politics and opened fire. The SPLC gunman had planned to kill everyone in the office, but Johnson’s heroic actions saved their lives. The African-American building manager was forced to undergo painful surgeries because of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate list.
Despite its role in the terror attack, the SPLC continues to target the Family Research Council. 
None of the so-called “Anti-Muslim hate groups” listed by the SPLC have shot anyone. The SPLC has.
Bosch Fawstin is a courageous activist. He’s also an individual. As am I. And the SPLC also has me up as a hate group. Other individual bloggers on the list include Atlas ShrugsRefugee Resettlement WatchBare Naked Islam and Citizen Warrior
6 of the SPLC’s “hate groups” are actually individuals. It’s understandable that the Southern Poverty Law Center is vague on the definition of hate. But you would think that it could figure out the definition of “group.” 
No such luck.
The SPLC lists the David Horowitz Freedom Center as a hate group. But then again it also lists the American College of Pediatricians and the Jewish Political Action Committee as hate groups.
It doesn’t take much to be listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
You don’t need to be a group to be listed by the SPLC as a hate group. You don’t even need to have a pulse. Inanimate plastic signs can be listed too. 
The rest of the SPLC’s “increase” is padded out with assorted community groups opposed to refugee resettlement, such as Treasure Valley Refugee Watch, and any Christian ministry it doesn’t like.
But there is one barrier to being listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
No amount of overt anti-Semitism from CAIR’s Nihad Awad would ever get the Islamist hate group listed as a hate group. Even CAIR’s flirtation with Neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers can’t get it on the hate map. The SPLC collaborated with the Muslim Public Affairs Council despite its anti-Semitism.
Instead the SPLC lists counterterrorism organizations such as the Investigative Project on Terrorism, the Clarion Project and the David Horowitz Freedom Center which point out their terror ties as hate groups.
The Southern Poverty Law Center is greedy, cynical and dishonest. Its latest ploy to gain headlines by inflating a group it had formerly listed as 1 organization into 45 by listing each chapter separately is the sort of behavior you expect from a lazy college student, not one of the wealthiest organizations in the country. And yet no one in the media will call out the SPLC for its greed, its bigotry and its lies.
The SPLC climbs into bed with extremists and terrorists and it smears counterterrorism organizations. It helps terrorists target their critics. And it solicits money through shameless lies.
It’s easy to indict the SPLC. But every indictment of the SPLC is also an indictment of a Fake News media that repeats its absurd lies without ever checking its facts. 
When the media reports that there was a huge rise in anti-Muslim groups because the Southern Poverty Law Center turned 1 group into 45, it proves that it really is in the Fake News business.

The IRS needs to be held responsible for its overt political activities.

In the bubble of Washington, pols strain at the gnat and swallow the camel. They chase after media-driven pseudo-scandals while letting real scandals linger.
Take the scandal of the IRS’s harassment of non-profit groups during the Obama administration. Getting to the bottom of that scandal is far more important than any of the election-related wild goose chases under discussion in the press. Americans don’t toss and turn at night over fears of a hazy network of Russian hackers. But they do fear letters from the IRS.
To their credit, a few conservative Republicans in the House still draw attention to the unresolved scandal at the IRS. “Frankly in my view the most corrupt IRS commissioner that I’ve ever dealt with continues in my view to mislead Congress,” according to Kevin Brady, chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means. “And until he’s removed I don’t think the IRS will ever regain its credibility.” Brady is referring to the still-unsacked John Koskinen, the Obama-appointed IRS commissioner who stonewalled Republicans during the Lois Lerner investigation. Even the circumspect Mitch McConnell calls Koskinen a “disaster.” A letter sent by the House Republican Study Committee to President Trump explains why:
The IRS, through its targeting of citizens for their political beliefs, has forfeited the trust of a free people. The IRS has admitted to improperly targeting conservative groups, delaying applications for tax-exempt status from 2010-2012, with at least 75 groups selected for extra scrutiny. Moreover, in August 2016, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the IRS had yet to demonstrate that officials have definitively ceased targeting conservative groups. The ruling came at the heels of evidence that two targeted conservative groups continued to have delayed applications for tax-exempt status pending at the IRS.
Congressional investigations, hearings, and actions have shown that Commissioner Koskinen misled Congress, obstructed investigations into the IRS, and failed to comply with Congressional subpoenas. Commissioner Koskinen’s willful deception and obstructionism has only further eroded any remaining confidence.
Pursuant to 26 U.S.C. § 7803, you have the authority to remove Commissioner Koskinen. We encourage you to dismiss him in the most expedient manner practicable. Such an action would restore the credibility of our Federal tax authority and the faith the American people have in their Constitutional rights to free speech and association.
Obama left office claiming that his administration had been “scandal-free,” a whopper blatantly refuted by the politicization of the IRS on his watch. If Congress fails to ventilate the IRS scandal sufficiently, Obama’s embeds at the IRS will continue to harass conservative groups. A lazy and biased media has pushed the propagandistic line that the scandal was overblown and is now ancient news. It isn’t.
As Pepperdine Law School professor Paul Caron notes, the “IRS scandal never ended, because the behavior never stopped.” Expect more harassment, he says: “the structural forces that nurtured it — piqued politicians demanding agencies ‘do something’ in accord with political objectives, and like-minded, eager-to-please career employees manning those agencies — means a repeat is not just predictable, it’s inevitable.”
According to Caron, “no IRS official ever suffered for the blatantly unconstitutional and unethical actions.” Even Lois Lerner, the nemesis of the Tea Party, escaped largely unscathed, with an enormous bonus and pension to boot. “She could receive almost $4 million over her lifetime,” he says.
The Obama administration openly bragged about how it would use government power to bankrupt and delegitimize its opponents. “I was in a meeting once and I gave an analogy to my staff about my philosophy of enforcement, and I think it was probably a little crude and maybe not appropriate for the meeting, but I’ll go ahead and tell you what I said,” recalled Obama EPA administrator Al Armendariz in 2010. “It was kind of like how the Romans used to, you know, conquer villages in the Mediterranean. They’d go in to a little Turkish town somewhere, they’d find the first five guys they saw and they’d crucify them. Then, you know, that town was really easy to manage for the next few years.”
Obama’s embeds at the IRS harbor the same mindset. They thought that they could make an example out of Tea Party groups and strike fear in all conservative non-profits. When these officials got nabbed, they explained it away as “horrible customer service.” But the memorable cri de coeur of Becky Gerritson from Alabama’s Wetumpka Tea Party in 2013 — which foreshadowed the rise of Trumpian nationalism — got to the real issue, the left-wing tyranny that masquerades as “good government”:
In Wetumpka, we are patriotic Americans; we peacefully assemble; we petition our government; we exercise our right to free speech. We don’t understand why the government tried to stop us. I’m not here as a serf or a vassal. I’m not begging my lord for mercy. I’m a born-free American woman, wife, mother, and citizen, and I’m telling my government that you’ve forgotten your place.
Under the framework of the founders, the people are masters, not servants, and the IRS holds no bondage on their freedoms. Congress must at long last investigate fully the IRS’s out-of-control investigators. Instead of wasting time on the fashions of the moment, Congress should deliver to the forgotten the protection that the Constitution promises them.

Vandals destroy over 100 Jewish headstones amongst dozens of bomb threats to Jewish centers. Not in Paris but St. Louis!

Vandals destroy over 100 Jewish headstones amongst dozens of bomb threats to Jewish centers

Vandals destroy over 100 Jewish headstones amongst dozens of bomb threats to Jewish centers
Image source: Fox 2 

St. Louis’s Fox2 has reported that over 100 headstones at the Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery in University City Missouri have been vandalized, and knocked over.
Police believe the act was organized, and that the crime was carried out by a group of people. At this time, police cannot determine if this was a hate crime or not.
Fox 2 has footage of the damage in their report.

This vandalism comes on the heels of dozens of bomb threats made earlier today on Jewish community centers around the United States. 11 of these were evacuated, and searched.
According to the Jewish Community Center Association’s Director of strategic performance David Posner, there is concern about how often these threats have been appearing. So far there have been a total of 69 since January 9th.
“While we are relieved that all such threats have proven to be hoaxes and that not a single person was harmed, we are concerned about the anti-Semitism behind these threats, and the repetition of threats intended to interfere with day-to-day life. Local JCCs serve not just the Jewish community, but the entire community. Participants from all different backgrounds come to their local JCCs for activities, Jewish cultural and religious programming, and opportunities to come together as a community.”
A list of threats made to JCC locations can be viewed here.
Posner says they are currently working with the FBI to determine where these threats are coming from. Whether these threats, and the destruction within the University City graves are connected is also yet to be determined. However, it is oddly suspicious that these two events coincided on the same day.
Earlier today, Press Secretary Sean Spicer told NBC News that President Donald Trump has made it “abundantly clear that these actions are unacceptable.”

Here a real protest against the war on women.

Iran tells U.S. chess champion to wear a hijab – here’s how she responds

Iran tells U.S. chess champion to wear a hijab – here’s how she responds
2016 U.S. chess champion Nazi Paikidze. Image source: YouTube. 

Nazi Paikidze is the reigning U.S. chess champion, but when the Iranian government told her she had to wear a hijab, the Muslim head veil, and restrict contact with men in order to compete in the world competition hosted by Iran this year, she refused. The “morality laws” were supported by FIDE, the international organization that coordinates the world chess championship event.
“By participating, I would be forced to submit to forms of oppression designed specifically for women,” Paikidze told Marie Clare magazine. “It sets the wrong example, particularly for young girls interested in chess.”
Paikidze further explained her decision in a post on Instagram in September.
This is a post for those who don’t understand why I am boycotting FIDE’s decision. I think it’s unacceptable to host a WOMEN’S World Championship in a place where women do not have basic fundamental rights and are treated as second-class citizens. For those saying that I don’t know anything about Iran: I have received the most support and gratitude from the people of Iran, who are facing this situation every day.
Paikidze also retweeted this tweet noting the irony of members of the Swedish team, a country known for its feminist advances, giving in to the gender-specific oppression imposed by Iran by wearing the hijab.
“I will NOT wear a hijab and support women’s oppression.” She told the founder of a group organizing against Iran’s hijab laws. “Even if it means missing one of the most important competitions of my career.”
When an Iranian chess player criticized her boycott saying that the tournament were important for women in Iran and presented them with an opportunity for show their strength, Paikidze appeared to respond on her Instagram account to the charge.
A message to the people of Iran: I am not anti-Islam or any other religion. I stand for freedom of religion and choice. I’m protesting FIDE’s decision not because of Iran’s religion or people, but for the government’s laws that are restricting my rights as a woman.
The world chess championship began February 10th and will continue until March 5th. For boycotting the event, Paikidze forfeits the opportunity to win over $100,000 in award money.
She posted this tweet during while the competition continued without her:

The Left doesn't know what it doesn't want to know...

MSNBC’s Katy Tur criticized for not knowing about Obama’s ‘hot mic’ moment

France 'attack plot': Three arrested

  • 21 February 2017
  • From the section Europe
File photo of French policeImage copyrightAFP
Three people have been arrested in France on suspicion of plotting a terrorism attack, police sources say.
A bomb disposal squad was called in to sweep the home of one of the suspects, in the central city of Clermont-Ferrand, French media say.
The other two arrests were reportedly in Marseille and in the Paris region. 
France is on high alert after a series of deadly attacks in recent years by militants claiming to be from the Islamic State group.
Few details of Tuesday's arrests are yet known.
One source told Reuters news agency that the suspects were arrested "as part of a preliminary investigation started in January on suspicion of leaving for Syria or committing an act in France".
Another police source quoted in Le Monde said the plot was sufficiently advanced that the French intelligence agency, the DGSI, decided to intervene.
Since the beginning of 2015, at least 230 people have been killed in jihadist attacks in France.
On 10 February, four suspects were arrested in Montpellier preventing what Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux said was an "imminent" terror attack on French soil.
Three men and a girl of 16 were found with bomb-making materials by anti-terrorist police in a raid on a flat in the southern city.
The week before a soldier received minor injuries when a machete-wielding man tried to enter the Louvre museum in Paris.
The man, a 29-year-old Egyptian named Abdullah Hamamy, was shot and critically injured.

Study: Venezuelans lost 19 lbs. on average over past year due to lack of food.

Study: Venezuelans lost 19 lbs. on average over past year due to lack of food

People buy food and other staple goods inside a supermarket in Caracas, Venezuela June 30, 2016.
People buy food and other staple goods inside a supermarket in Caracas, Venezuela June 30, 2016.  (Reuters)
In a new sign that Venezuela’s financial crisis is morphing dangerously into a humanitarian one, a new nationwide survey shows that in the past year nearly 75 percent of the population lost an average of 19 pounds for lack of food.
The extreme poor said they dropped even more weight than that.
The 2016 Living Conditions Survey (Encovi, for its name in Spanish), conducted among 6,500 families, also found that as many as 32.5 percent eat only once or twice a day — the figure was 11.3 just a year ago.
In all, 82 percent of the nation's households live in poverty, the study found.
Venezuelans suffer shortages of the most basic goods, from food to medicine, amid triple-digit inflation and a nearly 80 percent currency collapse in the last year.
A whopping 93.3 percent told Encovi researchers that their income was not enough to cover their food needs, which would explain why Venezuelans are replacing red and white meat with vegetables and tubers, mainly potato, and other cheaper options.
"There is a change in eating habits patterns from 2014 [when Encovi surveys began]. Previously Venezuelans consumed primarily rice, breads and pastas; now it’s tubers,” said Maritza Landaeta, a researcher with the Venezuelan Health Observatory, as quoted by runrun.es.
“In our qualitative studies we observed mothers who say that they fed their children only with bananas or auyamas [a kind of pumpkin] to satisfy their feeding needs,” she said.
Additionally, 65 percent of those surveyed admitted having children at home who had skipped school for food-related reasons — including filling in for their parents in the long food lines.
Venezuela’s food crisis has gotten so bad that remains of everything from dogs and cats to donkeys and even giant anteaters have been found in garbage bags at city dumps around the country.
“Sometimes we only find the animal’s heads, guts and legs. We used to see this very little in the past, but this practice is now out of control and on the rise,” Robert Linares, a Maracaibo waste disposal worker, told the Miami Herald. Linares added he recently found on the street the remains of a dog that had been skinned and dismembered.
The once-wealthy oil producing nation has fallen on hard times since Nicolás Maduro took power following the death of socialist leader Hugo Chávez in 2013. A drop in global oil prices has crippled the country’s economy and Venezuela has been plagued with the worst inflation rate in the world, close to 700 percent last year, according to International Monetary Fund.
The lack of food has even earned a nickname: “The Maduro Diet.”

Riots in Stockholm...the third world chipping away at a modern society

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) -- Swedish police on Tuesday were investigating a riot that broke out overnight in a predominantly immigrant suburb in Stockholm after officers arrested a suspect on drug charges.
The clashes started late Monday when a police car arrested a suspect and people started throwing stones at them in Rinkeby, north of Stockholm. Unidentified people, including some wearing masks, also set cars on fire and looted shops.
One officer was slightly injured when a rock hit his arm and one person was arrested for throwing rocks, police spokesman Lars Bystrom said Tuesday. Some civilians who tried to stop the looters were also assaulted, he added.
Another officer fired his gun, not as a warning shot but because he was "in a situation that demanded he used his firearm," Bystrom said, adding "no one was hit."
He declined to give further details, saying the episode would be investigated.
Police were investigating three cases of violent rioting, assaulting a police officer, two assaults, vandalism and aggravated thefts, he said.
"This kind of situation doesn't happen that often but it is always regrettable when it happens," Bystrom said.

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