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A used car salesman.....

Canada’s Worst(?) Used Car Salesman Heads Back to the Slammer, Leaves Misery and At Least One Broken Home in His Wake

We told you last year of the outrageous case of an Oshawa, Ontario used car salesman who bilked unwitting customers out of their hard-earned cash before being sentenced to a month in jail. Well, a second trial recently adjourned, and Ryen Maxwell of Countryside Motors now faces 180 days in the big house.
A repeat fraudster, this former salesman’s list of financial atrocities is a long one. In addition to causing fiscal hardship for numerous customers, Maxwell’s actions can be credited with causing, or at least contributing to, one woman becoming stranded in a rural snowbank and the breakup of another man’s marriage. Is it any wonder BHPH lots carry a stigma?
First off, let’s recap this shady salesman’s “professional” life. Buckle up for a used car buying nightmare.
Last December, Maxwell, whose registration was terminated in 2015, was sentenced to 30 days in jail after being found in violation of both the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act (MVDA). Maxwell had falsified employment information on a credit application for a “vulnerable consumer,” then sent it out to several lenders. The consumer then found themself on the hook for three vehicles.
It seems that was both a warmup, and a continuation of prior behavior. According to the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council, the province’s vehicle sales regulator, Maxwell was first registered as a salesperson in 2004, and soon found himself serving 18 months of house arrest for his role in a 2005 insurance fraud case.
Between 2010 and 2013, Maxwell set up shop at Oshawa’s Westbridge Vehicle Sales and Leasing, a business later fined $9,000 for failing to ensure Maxwell didn’t violate the MVDA. From there, he moved to Countryside Motors, which in 2016 received a fine of $5,000 for breaching the same OMVIC code of ethics. Small potato fines, for sure. But this is where the action really ramps up.
On April 19th, following a week-long trail, OMVIC announced Maxwell will serve a 180-day sentence for 10 breaches of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act and the Consumer Protection Act.
“Evidence presented to the court demonstrated that, among other things, Maxwell sold cars without disclosing accident histories, misled consumers about vehicle conditions, and was untruthful about financing terms,” OMVIC wrote.
Two individual cases stand out as examples of the real-life hardship people can find themselves in after encountering a salesman like Maxwell. Most buyers rely on the salesman to describe a vehicle’s capabilities, and most aren’t well versed in the act of purchasing a vehicle, used or otherwise.
One female customer arrived at Countryside Motors looking for an all-wheel-drive vehicle in which to perform her job as a home health worker, visiting residences in rural — and sometimes very snowy — areas outside of lakeside Oshawa. After her vehicle became stuck in a roadside snowbank, the buyer discovered her vehicle was front-wheel drive.
“The court heard that when the consumer confronted Maxwell about this misrepresentation, he scratched out “AWD” on the sales contract, telling the consumer there was nothing that could be done,” OMVIC reports.
According to the regulator, Maxwell blazed a trail of misery through the traditionally working class Oshawa:
Customers also told the court how they had been pressured by Maxwell into turning over thousands of dollars as deposits on vehicles they wished to purchase, with the money never actually being credited towards the sales. Others described being made by Maxwell to sign financing documents which they were not given an opportunity to read, only for those customers to learn much later that they were obligated to pay interest rates far higher than what they had initially been told. For some, the payments rapidly became unaffordable, with at least one of Maxwell’s customers tearfully recalling how his marriage broke up because of the financial stress.
Maxwell apparently showed no remorse throughout the trial, making “excuses” for his behavior at every turn. In handing down her sentence, Justice of the Peace Constance McIlwain told the defendant,“You deliberately betrayed the trust of the people who relied on you.”
It’s not the first time a predatory salesman exploited the confidence of his customers, nor will it be the last. Still, given the severity of Maxwell’s crimes, OMVIC’s prosecutor sought out a stiff punishment.
“The 180 day sentence handed down is significant and is one of the longest periods of incarceration ordered for a registrant, though there have been longer,” said Terry O’Keefe, OMVIC’s director of communications, in an email to TTAC.
He pointed out a 2012 case where a Belleville, Ontario salesman, Naheed Ali Ramji, sold a new Pontiac G5 to an elderly female customer who thought she was buying a car worth $18,825. Unbeknownst to the customer, the salesman inflated the sticker to $34,000. Factoring in the cost of borrowing, the elderly woman found herself on the hook for $43,000. The same salesman later told a customer they would have to pay him $5,000 cash to arrange the buyout of a lease. The dealer never received the money. For these crimes, Ramji served seven months.
“Sentences meted out to curbsiders have been even more significant, including a 450 day sentence,” O’Keefe said.
Each province in Canada has its own regulations for vehicle sales. While Ontario requires a country-wide criminal background check for prospective salespeople, as well as a check with other jurisdictions in which the applicant has done business, it pays to be on your toes. Ontario consumers can search for breaches of OMVIC’s code of ethics here, and charges and convictions here. Go into the dealer armed with car-buying knowledge, and take a good hard look at that paperwork.
The chances of meeting someone like Maxwell are not high, keep in mind. Of the 1.2 million vehicle transactions in Ontario last year, OMVIC received 1,213 formal consumer complaints. Still, customer beware.
As for Countryside Motors, neither the dealer nor its director, Theodoros (Ted)
Efstathiou, are allowed to trade in motor vehicle sales after failing to pay the fine levied last December.
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The American oligarch who decides our fate!

Leaked Docs: Soros Aims to Enlarge Electorate by 10 Million Voters by 2018

Soros has bankrolled efforts to challenge voter ID laws, register minority votersGeorge Soros

George Soros / ABY:   
A top priority of liberal billionaire George Soros is to enlarge the U.S. electorate by 10 million voters by 2018, according to leaked documents.
The plan to grow the electorate by millions of voters was discussed during a May 2014 board meeting of the Open Society Foundations, a liberal grant-making group founded by Soros. A 220-page guide detailing the plan was among more than 2,500 hacked Soros documents released by DC Leaks, which publishes documents from influential officials around the world.
The guide covers strategies and tactics the group will employ in the United States from 2015 to 2018. The top goals listed by the guide are to "advance electoral reform" and "combat suppression."
"The following four goals form the scaffolding of U.S. Programs’ work," the guide states. "1. An American democracy strengthened through increased meaningful participation, inclusive practice, and accountability." The third strategic goal expands upon this, calling for "Full political, economic, and civic participation of immigrants and communities of color by dismantling the barriers and strengthening the conduits to opportunity."
Later, the guide discusses expanding the electorate by "at least 10 million voters" in the United States. This would be accomplished "by lowering barriers to voter registration through the various forms of modernization and increased ballot access while sustaining and expanding the franchise by establishing strong protections against vote suppression, denial and dilution."
An Open Society Foundations spokesperson affirmed the group’s interest in voter turnout.
"The Open Society Foundations supports efforts to encourage wider participation in U.S. elections, and opposes measures used to try to suppress voter participation," the spokesperson said via email.
The leaked documents help explain why Soros has quietly funded efforts to battle voter identification laws and target Democratic-trending voters for registration.
Soros began supporting challenges to voter ID laws in 2014.
"We hope to see these unfair laws, which often disproportionately affect the most vulnerable in our society, repealed," Soros said about the campaign in 2015. He vowed to spend at least $5 million on the effort.
The campaign’s leader is Marc Elias, a partner at the D.C-based law firm Perkins Coie and Hillary Clinton’s top campaign lawyer. Elias’ work on the legal project is separate from his work on the campaign, although Clinton supports the effort.
The first in a series of lawsuits claiming that voter ID laws disproportionately hurt minority voters was filed in Ohio just days before the Open Society documents were transmitted to the board of directors in May 2014.
Elias filed the Ohio lawsuit on behalf of a group called the Ohio Organizing Collaborative. That group was later replaced on the lawsuit when it was investigated by a state criminal agency for allegedly forging signatures and registering dead people to vote.
Weeks after the Ohio lawsuit was filed, a second lawsuit was filed challenging Wisconsin’s voter ID laws. A third lawsuit was filed in Virginia soon afterward, a challenge Soros and Elias would ultimately lose. Lawsuits in other states followed.
Soros has also funded recent voter registration campaigns from his own bank account.
Soros donated $3 million to the Immigrant Voters Win PAC, which was established to fund the Families Fight Back campaign. That campaign aims to register 400,000 Hispanic voters in swing states before the November elections.
J. Christian Adams, president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a nonprofit law firm that litigates to defend election integrity, said that Soros is spending big to transform American elections.
"George Soros is involved in every aspect of manipulating the rules of American elections," Adams told the Washington Free Beacon. "From funding Pew’s efforts to centralize election administration, to fueling litigation that attacks election integrity laws, to fanning the flames of racial agitation and polarization, Soros dollars are doing all they can to fundamentally transform American elections."

Illegals as a protected class..Murder victim’s family wants to know why his alleged attacker — with 98 prior convictions — was free

Murder victim’s family wants to know why his alleged attacker — with 98 prior convictions — was free

Murder victim’s family wants to know why his alleged attacker — with 98 prior convictions — was free
Gino Bassett Sr., was charged in the stabbing death of a 55-year-old father of six last month. Bassett has had 98 prior arrests, including charges of burglary, armed robbery, aggravated assault, and resisting an officer. (Image source: Video screenshot) 

The man charged with killing a Chicago father of six children had 98 prior arrests, and now the victim’s family wants to know why the suspect was on the streets in the first place, WBBM-TV reported.
Police charged Gino Bassett Sr., 56, in the stabbing death of Miguel Beedle in River North last month. The suspect’s record includes charges of burglary, armed robbery, aggravated assault, and resisting an officer, according to WBBM.
“That person should not be on the street. It’s so wrong on so many levels. My family is a victim of the whole Cook County jail system, as well as Gino Bassett,” Beedle’s fiance, Barbara Misiur, told the news outlet.
Beedle, 55, and Misiur, who have three young children, together were set to be married this month in Poland.

What’s the story?

Police believe Bassett may have robbed Beedle before killing him in an alley at about 2:30 a.m. March 23. A witness said Beedle had been seen counting some money outside after leaving a club shortly before his death, WLS-TV reported.
Images of the suspect, before and after the killing, were captured on surveillance video, according to police.
“Gino Bassett, armed with a 5-inch blade, followed Mr. Beedle into the alley. On video surveillance recordings, Gino Bassett is seen shoving Mr. Beedle further into the alley, where Mr. Beedle is fatally stabbed in the neck,” Cook County Assistant District Attorney Jamie Santini told the court two weeks ago.
Basset fled to the Red Line station where video captured him threatening two women with a knife and later pulling cash, credit cards, and a knife from his pockets, according to prosecutors.

What else?

Authorities charged Bassett with first-degree murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He’s being held without bond.

Woman grabs gun after finding front door open. Intruder lunges at her — and she pulls the trigger.

Woman grabs gun after finding front door open. Intruder lunges at her — and she pulls the trigger.

Woman grabs gun after finding front door open. Intruder lunges at her — and she pulls the trigger.
A South Carolina woman fatally shot a man who was reportedly hiding in her closet Friday. (Image source: YouTube screenshot) 
A South Carolina woman arrived at her Greenville County home Friday morning after dropping off her children at school and discovered her front door was open, WSPA-TV reported, citing a family member of the woman.
The woman also smelled something strange, the station reported.
At that point, she went to her car and got a gun — for which she carries a concealed weapons permit — and returned to her home where she found a man in her closet, WSPA said.
And when the man lunged at her, the woman fired her gun, the station reported.
Greenville County Sheriff’s deputies told WSPA the woman fired at least one round before going back outside and calling law enforcement.
Officers found the man dead in a closet, the station said.
A WSPA reporter noted that the woman’s family said they believe she knew the intruder.
Deputies are investigating, the station said.

Chuck Todd gets questioned about hypocrisy – his wife’s company has been paid millions by Democrats

Chuck Todd gets questioned about hypocrisy – his wife’s company has been paid millions by Democrats

Chuck Todd gets questioned about hypocrisy – his wife’s company has been paid millions by Democrats
NBC's Meet The Press host Chuck Todd has been accused of hypocrisy over comments he made about Fox News and Sean Hannity regarding conflicts of interest. (Image source: YouTube screencap) 
Days after blasting Fox News and host Sean Hannity over a potential conflict of interest, NBC’s Meet The Press host Chuck Todd was asked about his own undisclosed ties to interviewees on his show.
Following news reports naming Sean Hannity as a client of President Trump’s embattled personal attorney, Michael Cohen, Todd lambasted Fox News this week for allowing Hannity to cover stories about Cohen without disclosing his alleged dealings with the lawyer.
Tweeting in reference to Hannity’s coverage of news on Cohen, Todd said, “No serious news org would allow someone this conflicted to cover this story.”
Fox News released a statement in support of Hannity, causing further outrage from Todd, who said that he was “stunned that Fox had no punitive response. Not a ‘Sean Hannity must disclose every night,’ not a ‘He can’t cover this story,’ not a ‘He’s been suspended for the week.’ Nothing! Not a single thing!”
But during an interview Friday on the WABC-AM New York radio show Bernie and Sid in the Morning, hosts Sid Rosenberg and Bernie McGuirk asked Todd about his own undisclosed relationships with guests on Meet the Press.
Referring to Jeffrey Lord’s article in The American Spectator published the same morning, the radio hosts asked Todd to respond to the hypocrisy alleged in the column.
Lord goes through a litany of examples in his article, saying that while interviewing Bernie Sanders eleven times this year, Todd never disclosed the fact that his wife’s company had received almost $2 million from the Bernie 2016 campaign.
Todd’s wife, Kristian Todd, was also communications director for Jim Webb’s Senate campaign in 2006 — but Todd did not mention that relationship in his 2017 interview with Webb on “Meet The Press.”
Kristian Todd also made a $2,500 donation to Sen. Tim Kaine, but Chuck Todd failed to disclose that potential conflict of interest when interviewing Kaine three times since last summer.
In response, Todd told Bernie and Sid, “That’s my wife. That’s not me. I think it’s a ridiculous place that we’re in in society that it’s guilt by association,” adding, “You’re trying to sully me because my wife is an individual thinker in her life.”
When McGuirk pressed further, Todd became more defensive, saying, “What my wife does with her money is her business. Judge me on my work.”

Will Trump get a Nobel prize? Liberal foreign policy is hidebound and petrified.

CNN reporter left ‘speechless’ by North Korea nuclear announcement — then he said this about Trump

CNN reporter left ‘speechless’ by North Korea nuclear announcement — then he said this about Trump
A CNN reporter says he is "speechless" over North Korea's announcement to ends its nuclear program — then calls it a major victory for President Donald Trump. (Image source: YouTube screenshot) 
A CNN reporter who has covered North Korea for years was left “stunned” and “speechless” on Friday after the North Korean regime announced it planned to end its nuclear and missile programs.

What did he say?

CNN correspondent Will Ripley, who has regularly reported from inside North Korea before, told CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer that President Donald Trump’s willingness to meet with Kim Jong Un likely lead to the regime’s decision.
“This is an extraordinarily significant development, and frankly a huge win for President Trump going into these discussions, this potential summit, with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un,” Ripley said.
“Wolf, I have to say, I am really almost speechless here at the pace at which North Korea has done this U-turn. This all started with Donald Trump agreeing to sit down for a summit with Kim Jong Un,” he explained.
“It is really an extraordinary development,” Ripley added. Throughout the rest of the report, Ripley and Blitzer went praised Trump’s leadership in fostering the historic announcement.
Ripley also read a quote from a North Korean official, whom he had just spoken to, who said the regime truly is committed to denuclearization and moving its country into the modern world.
CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who Trump has nominated for secretary of state, recently met with Kim Jong Un, though it’s not clear where. Their meeting was reported to be cordial and successful.
Trump is slated to meet with Kim sometime next month, though the details have yet to be ironed out.

Watch the CNN report below:

Did anti white rhetoric play a part in this homeless man's decision to kill a white man?

VENTURA (CBSLA) – A man stabbed in the neck while sitting with his young daughter on his lap at a Ventura steakhouse Wednesday night has died, and a 49-year-old homeless man was arrested in what’s believed to be a random attack.
According to Ventura police, at about 9:20 p.m. Wednesday, the suspect, identified as Jamal Jackson, entered Aloha Steakhouse, located at 364 S. California St., and stabbed a man in the neck with a knife in what appeared to be a random attack. The victim, later identified as Anthony Mele, was rushed to a hospital with life-threatening wounds, where he underwent surgery. However, authorities confirmed that he died from his injuries Thursday.
Mele was dining with his wife and 5-year-old daughter at the time, police said.  His daughter was sitting in his lap when he was attacked. Mele’s wife and child were not hurt.
Good Samaritans chased the suspect, Jackson, onto the Ventura Promenade, where officers arrived and took him into custody.
Prior to the stabbing, witnesses told police the suspect was waving a knife and threatening people outside the restaurant.
On Thursday afternoon, Mele’s mother posted a picture of her son on Facebook asking for prayers as he was fighting for his life. However, in an updated post Thursday night, she wrote: “Thank you for your prayers — my son Anthony did not make it… just unbelievable.”
Officials are trying to determine if drugs or alcohol played a role in the attack.
Folks who frequent the restaurant and the area were stunned by the news, although some admit there are concerns about the homeless population.
“Who would have thought that someone there with his wife and child just having dinner, completely unaware of anything going on,” said Ventura resident Shannon Rice. “My thoughts are with him and his wife and child.”
For Mele’s heartbroken family, they told KCAL that they are struggling to come to terms with what happened.
Jackson was booked in the Ventura County Jail on attempted murder charges, according to inmate records. He’s been charged with murder and child endangerment and is being held on $500,000 bail.

Dumb criminal stories...

I-80 car crash interrupts delivery of 60 bricks of heroin, troopers say

From left, Azaiah Baynard, of East Orange; Briauna Brown-Harrison, of Perth Amboy; and Jamar Montalmant, of Newark. (Courtesy photos for
From left, Azaiah Baynard, of East Orange; Briauna Brown-Harrison, of Perth Amboy; and Jamar Montalmant, of Newark. (Courtesy photos for

A car crash inadvertently led to a drug bust on Interstate 80, after an overturned vehicle revealed 60 bricks of heroin, New Jersey State Police said.
Troopers were called the night of Feb. 4 for a report of an overturned car on Interstate 80 West in Knowlton Township, Warren County.
When troopers arrived, they discovered three people were riding in the car; none of them were injured in the crash.
Christmas Eve heroin bust was part of international drug ring, feds say
During the investigation, troopers found 60 bricks of heroin in the car, with an estimated value of $12,000.
Azaiah Baynard, 21, of East Orange; Briauna Brown-Harrison, 21, of Perth Amboy; and Jamar Montalmant, 20, of Newark, were arrested.
The trio was each charged with possession of heroin and possession of heroin with intent to distribute. Montalmant was also charged with possession of paraphernalia, and troopers discovered he had an active arrest warrant.
All three were sent to Warren County Jail on no-bail warrants.

200 bags of heroin seized during arrest at Holland Tunnel: cops

Iggal Copeland, 40, left, Marquese Kine, 22, middle, and Epiphany Alston, 21, right, were arrested Wednesday at the Holland Tunnel.
Iggal Copeland, 40, left, Marquese Kine, 22, middle, and Epiphany Alston, 21, right, were arrested Wednesday at the Holland Tunnel.

Three people where arrested at the Holland Tunnel toll plaza earlier this month and charged with drug offenses, including one man who was busted with 200 bags of heroin, police said.
Iggal Copeland, 40, of Linden, Epiphany Alston, 21, of Washington, and Marquese Kine, 22, of Newark, face a variety of drug charges stemming from their 6 p.m. traffic stop in Jersey City.
Around 6 p.m. police at the Holland Tunnel toll plaza spotted a black Honda Civic without its headlights on and pulled the vehicle over, Port Authority police spokesman Joe Pentangelo said.
While the officer was interviewing the driver, he smelled an odor of marijuana emanating from the car, which had two other people inside.
The driver, later identified as Copeland, could not provide a driver's license. He was asked for his birth date and name, but a computer check of the name and date provided turned out to be false, Pentangelo said.
The driver was placed under arrest and once his true identity was established, a computer check revealed his license was suspended, as well as an outstanding warrant for his arrest out of Newark.
A New Jersey prescription blank with no signature or writing on it was found in the Copeland's wallet, Pentangelo said.
Meanwhile, police found a marijuana grinder and a black bag containing 200 individual glassine folds of heroin inside the vehicle. Some of the bags were stamped with the name "butt naked" and other were stamped with the name "infamous," Pentangelo added.
Alston, who was in the backseat of the vehicle, was in possession of a prescription pill bottle with 44 illegally possessed Oxycodone pills inside, Pentangelo said.
The name on the pill bottle was different than the names of all the occupants, authorities said.
The vehicle was impounded and all the suspects were arrested. A subsequent investigation by police revealed the heroin belonged to the front seat passenger, Kine, who was also in possession of a small amount of marijuana, Pentangelo added.
Copeland was charged with receiving stolen property for the prescription drug blank, hindering apprehension, bail jumping, driving with a suspended license, possession of CDS in motor vehicle and issued traffic violations.
Alston faces charges of possession of Oxycodone and possession with intent to distribute.
Kine, meanwhile, is charged with possession of heroin, possession of marijuana under 50 grams, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of schedule 1 narcotic with intent to distribute.